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Final Delivery, by Mark Thorson

Final Delivery is a collection of stories set in, or connected to, far northern landscapes with characters who have either made a decision, or are about to make one, that will change their life’s trajectory — often in a manner or direction that they had not anticipated. There is a Professor of Ethics who hires an assassin, there’s a despondent trust fund baby who tries his hand at running drugs, and there are two good old northern boys who have always lived for the hunt, the kill, but have never contemplated death. These are stories about change, about awakenings, about paths that are chosen without clarity of what those paths hold. There’s a failed Hollywood screenwriter, a washed-up NHL hockey player, and an under accomplished woman who married the wrong man — all at the brink of life’s fragile breaking point. There’s a small town braggart who is about to meet his father for the first time, and also a lonely checkout girl in her final days, who lived her life without ever asserting herself.

These stories in Final Delivery cross through race, culture, politics and religion with unique characters who are faced with the simple struggles in life that challenge us all.


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