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A plucky and timorous unpretentious stream of consciousness…

FLAWED HOUSES of FOUR SEASONS cleverly weaves the complicated and mundane intricacies of the author’s life into a captivating narrative of discontent versus accomplishment – twenty-five four seasons surrounded by perpetual drum beats of addiction, abuse, and low expectations leads to a host of surprising consequences.

Altered from birth by secrets, lies, and coverups soon to be exposed – untapped reservoirs of longing are concealed and protected, as unforeseen souls alter fate for one in turmoil. Unconventional rebellion and obstinate self-control chaperon the author precariously through nine flawed dwellings. He balanced fantasy with harshness of reality, but lived two sides of boyhood and adolescence, confounded by sexual conflict born of salaciousness. Internal struggles for truth at every level of existence drive his yearning to discover the unknown and excel beyond anything imagined.

FLAWED HOUSES of FOUR SEASONS, by James Morris, artfully frames the author’s memoir within a six-week period, jam-packed with emotionally charged remembrances and thought-provoking scenarios – his core beliefs challenged at every juncture. Poignantly honest, unapologetically frank and forthright, Morris’s memoir is a no-holds-barred examination of how he navigated life’s bumps and scrapes, triumphs and successes.

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