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Fleeing Sanctuary, by Danielle Carpenter

For Zeke Stern, being a burner is all he’s ever known. His job is simple—do whatever it takes to help the news stations tell more exciting stories.

Bombings. Lootings. Protests. Kidnappings.

Against his will, he’s done them all. And he has relied on the help of a secret biochemical serum to do so.

A serum that Luke Hayes, an ambitious yet fun-loving broker, has been selling to the nation’s wealthiest and most connected clients. His book of business? Local and national news stations, government officials, and anyone willing to shell out enough dough to ensure their darkest secrets are never uncovered.

Revealing those truths is Morgan Cross—a resourceful and sarcastic journalist. With the sole goal of making a name for herself in the headlines, she’ll stop at nothing to rise to the top.

But when their paths unexpectedly cross, each has an important decision to make. Will Zeke save his family or save himself? Can Luke learn to accept the hand he’s been dealt or find the strength to fight back? Will Morgan gain everything she’s ever wanted, or risk losing everything to try to set things right? No choice is without consequence. And these three know they’re playing with fire.

The stakes are high, and one wrong move could lead to their downfall. Get ready to be swept away by this explosive and suspenseful tale.

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