Footnotes for a New Universe, by Richard A. Jones

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Our universe is broken. How do we order a new one?


Footnotes for a New Universe by Richard A. Jones sketches in the contours for new universes and provides footnotes for us to follow. Highly eclectic in style and substance and animated by playful language, Jones’s poetry exposes a deeper existential seriousness. Three core poetic themes emerge: his racial identity’s collision with quantum mechanics; struggles between mathematics and linguistics (saying and numbering what cannot be said or numbered); and the eternal dilemmas of personal mortality and the irreversible entropy of the universe.


Jones is a mathematician with a poet’s eye, a logician with a surrealist paintbrush, and a dilettante philosopher searching Google for With Footnotes for a New Universe, Richard A. Jones invites you on his poetic voyages to galactic star clusters, escapes from quantum gravitational wells, and multiverse strolls with his granddaughter around Walden Pond.