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For the Love of Cookies, by Marilyn Alice Tuckman

For the Love of Cookies includes 100 recipes of holiday cookies, year-round cookies, bars & squares, fancy cookies and flourless cookies—each paired with a beautiful close-up photo of what the cookie looks like when it’s fresh out of the oven! Unique to the book is a section titled “Wedding Cake Cookies”, representing the beloved Mexican wedding cake cookie with its international variants from Sweden, Russia, China, Vienna and the United States Southwest.

The book provides useful info on how to measure and combine ingredients for successful outcomes and to avoid tough, hard-to-chew cookies. Marilyn’s Tips & Techniques explain ways to make consistently attractive cookies. Attention is given to flavorings and spices that are pure and fresh, without bitterness or chemical harshness. The best way to store and freeze cookies is supplied and greatly useful.

In For the Love of Cookies by Marilyn Alice Tuckman, we find recipes that have been lovingly gathered over decades and enthusiastically enjoyed by family, friends and neighbors. We experience a recipe collection that’s been organized into a delightful and visually gorgeous book. All cookie photography was taken by Marilyn in her own kitchen. Marilyn is also the author of For the Love of Pumpkins (a cookbook).

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