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For the Moment, by Charnjit Gill

In her second poetry collection, Charnjit Gill writes about truth and how it changes; dreams, and the realisations we have about them. We conquer fear but we have to listen to what our life is trying to tell us. Success opens us to the world but it comes with heartbreak and loss. This is all an experience — how we understand our mind and make sense of our reality. Insights inform our plan so that everything has purpose and meaning but it doesn’t come without challenges.

The adventure is in the struggle — having options and methods. All of this is to add character to our personality. It’s adopting a mind-set of being bold, powerful and strong resilience. It’s about self-reliance, making the most of opportunities and being both lost and found in them. This passionate poetry collection explores the desire to contemplate, to navigate our life and transform. The poetry collection is about the process of using an attitude of unstoppable focus with tough tenacious energy. It directs you on the journey of how we make sense of life.

For the Moment acknowledges how moments can be temporary but it’s about having the patience in the process of becoming who you want to be. This is more than belief. Take your time to reflect on how much you tried and how you survived.

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