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Forsaking Church, by David Alexander Shaw

After bleeding away its moral authority for decades and in the midst of an immigration crisis at the US-Mexico border, Christianity in the United States has capitulated to the point of collapse.

Four people, all wholeheartedly committed to the church, seek to find their way through the challenges of the Trump Presidency. A tragedy strikes an idealistic American pastor while a smart Guatemalan woman struggles for justice. An eager missionary from Ohio meets a wise Guatemalan theologian struggling to reconcile his country’s history with the way the church is changing around him. All four are eager for the Beloved Community, but they will discover that they must leave the very institution to which they have given their lives to find mercy and salvation.

In Forsaking Church, David Alexander Shaw takes us on an epic journey around the United States, Mexico, and Guatemala, weaving the collapse of the American church and the Trump Presidency, with four people’s journeys of discovery. It is the end of an institution, but not the end of faith, mercy, or mythology.

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