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Fractured State, by R.M. Tembreull

Chaos, the Destroyer, has launched his most aggressive and expansive campaign yet!

His objective: initiate the Great Cascade and bring about the Discordant on Earth. His target: North America, where the Chaotic flashpoint within human civilization has occurred…in Texas?

The eternal struggle between order and chaos is an inescapable condition of the universe. Caught in the middle is the delicate balance necessary for life to exist and prosper in our world. On Earth, the opposing sides in this timeless conflict are Earth Mother’s Natural Order and Chaos’s Force Corrupted—the En’Troop-EE. The Great Cascade is underway, and with the High Sentients of the Natural Order reduced and in disarray, there may be no stopping Chaos this time.

In Fractured State by R.M. Tembreull, the reality of existence on Earth is reinterpreted, where all living things are seen as the children of a sentient planet. Our immortal souls are gifts from Earth Mother, and all living beings progress through many lives within the Hierarchy of Sentience. If our world could feel, would this change how you perceive our world?

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