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Frank, by Gina DeNicola

Would you recognize the flutter of true love if it stood right in front of you?

What if it disappeared with no explanation… until thirty years later?


As a young lawyer, Frank Tarallo had just landed a job at a big law firm in Manhattan. He and long-time girlfriend Lizzy Moretti had been living together in an uptown apartment, much to the disapproval of her nosy Catholic family. Her dream of becoming a college professor was materializing before her, and he was on track to make partner in a few years. Life was good. Until Frank met Sophia Rossi. Until Lizzie got pregnant. 

Thirty years later, a premonition of Frank’s untimely death sent him into overdrive. He knew he had little time left to make things right. He had to find his one true love, even if it cost him his marriage, his family, or his life. But would she be willing to give him a second chance?

Atmosphere Press

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