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Gone Fishing: A Girls Can Do Anything Book, by Carmen Petro



Come along with Caitlyn and her family as they head out early in the morning for a deep-sea fishing trip on the old fishing boat, Gabby Mae, to celebrate her brother Jacob’s birthday. Caitlyn and her family have been out on the Gabby Mae before and everyone is looking forward to a fantastic day on the ocean catching fish and going out to a birthday dinner afterward. However, the excitement of catching a fish or two from the deck of the Gabby Mae is nothing compared to the pleasant surprise Caitlyn and her family are about to have, as Caitlyn is about to catch way more than she bargained for.

The Girls Can Do Anything book series was written to inspire young girls to explore how women can impact the everyday world around them. These stories aren’t about competing with boys, or how much money they can make doing a certain job.  Instead, these stories are about empowering young girls to think outside the box about their future and realize they possess within themselves the power, imagination, and potential to control their own destiny. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and at Visit the illustrator’s website:

Carmen Petro was raised near the Allegheny Mountains in Southwestern Pennsylvania, but he now lives in the foothills of the scenic New Hampshire White Mountains with his wife, Sylvia, 5 dogs, and 2 cats. He and Sylvia raised 5 children that are all grown and on their own, the youngest of which is Caitlyn. Back when Caitlyn was just a pipsqueak, Carmen wrote a number of stories for his young daughter (loosely based on real people and the family’s real-life experiences) to encourage her and let her know that she has the potential to do anything she puts her mind to. Over time these stories evolved into a series of books written with the intent to encourage young girls to dream big, take control of their futures, think outside the box, and not let anyone tell them they can’t do something.

Caitlyn has since grown into a strong, confident, and successful young woman. It’s the author’s sincere hope that these stories encourage and motivate other young girls to chase their dreams and not let ANYONE stop them from realizing their God-given potential.

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