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Gunslingers, by Kendall Roberts

When Governor Hogg’s Agents arrive in the Tranquility Valley, Will Covington and his cousin, Finn, find themselves cast out from their home and fleeing the powers that control the state of Jefferson.

Will and Finn’s flight lands them under the protective wing of former Territory Ranger David McPhail who schools the young men in the lore and training of those fabled Rangers. With the addition of Janie De Casas, the daughter of one of Hogg’s Agents, the quartet of gunslingers set out to right the wrongs Governor Hogg and his Agents have inflicted on Jefferson.

Is revenge the solace Will seeks? Can burgeoning love save him from a path of destruction? Or will betrayal doom them all? Follow the quartet as they seek to outrun their legacies of pain, deliver justice to those who wronged them, and hope to discover a well-deserved peace. Find out if they are successful in Gunslingers by Kendall Roberts!

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