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Hart Street and Main: Oblivion, by Tabitha Sprunger

As Skye grapples with questions of identity and morality, her journey unfolds along an unexpected path woven with magic, friendship, and self-discovery. Join her as she delves into the mysteries of her existence and learns the true essence of goodness.

“I am Skye.
Skye Hope.
Skye Amadori.
Skye Teagardin.

I’ve been many things, assumed many names, inhabited different beings. But to be honest, I’m not sure what defines me anymore, or if I possess inherent goodness. Not the kind of goodness found in books or on dance floors, nor the proficiency in magic or the art of kissing. I’ve never excelled at being just or humble, even as I’ve soared through the skies or led with uncertainty.

Am I a good person? Upon reflection, I realize I haven’t always been a good friend or student. I’ve often coasted through life, only running when it suited my desires or needs.

So, what am I? The villain? Do I possess the capacity for goodness? And if so, do I truly deserve happiness?”

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