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Homecoming Heist, by Tyson Collin

It is Fall in a small, unsuspecting midwest community when well-weathered Doug gets an idea for a quick payday. With not much going his way and multiple strikes against him, he has nothing to lose.

Doug enlists his nephew, Steve, on a scheme that has been brewing for years. He asks Phil, an old ally, but even he has reservations about this high-dollar payday. After their crime spree of three banks in one morning, the small town is left in a vulnerable state, and the short-staffed police department is feeling the pressure from the town folks. The Chief brings in Major Cases Crimes to help out, but a Rookie fresh out of the academy is all they sent. Lead officer Andy doesn’t take young Jay too seriously until he finds a small mistake by one of the bandits.

Pieces of the puzzle come together, and Andy and Jay let their instincts and training take over. Pulling at the thread that unravels the case wide open, they force the bandits into survival mode, but will justice prevail?

Atmosphere Press

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