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Horizons, by Julie S. Paschold

In this wonderful book, Paschold uses soil, that thin layer sustaining life on earth, to organize their poetry.– Brian Wienhold, Retired Soil Scientist

You will savor the insights and honesty of these poems. Particularly satisfying is this poet’s knowledge of nature.– Marjorie Saiser, author of The Track the Whales Make

The strength of Paschold’s book lies in its poems that emphasize the interconnectedness of all living plants and creatures, including humans—a reality we don’t often acknowledge.– Twyla M. Hansen, Nebraska State Poet 2013-2018, Author of Feeding the Fire (2022 WSC Press)

Embark on a captivating journey through the vibrant world of living soil, where new horizons await under the very ground we tread and the tapestry of human experience unfolds.

This is an invitation to delve deep into the bonds of family, to explore identity and the spectacular essence of beauty, and to discover the marvels of Mother Nature’s cyclical dance. Horizons pays homage to the richness of soil, a precious nonrenewable resource, blending the art of poetry with the wonders of science and everyday life.

So come join us on this expedition, those of you from all walks of life, starting from the bedrock of soil and venturing forth until we reach the breaking of the earth, to bask in the sun.

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