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House of Clocks, by Fred Caron

Fred Caron’s House of Clocks explores what it means to be a young man coming into his own. Jim sets out to pursue a graduate education, but along the way he finds the peaks and pitfalls of friendship, the professional world, and even romance. For anyone who has found themselves suddenly thrust into a world of adult complications and complexities, this book is sure to be relatable and enjoyable.


Humanity has many layers…

There are those who want to help themselves only.

There are those who want to help others in need.

And there are those who not only want to help others in need but also encourage others to do the same, knowing that this will ameliorate humanity’s goodness.

This is the story of humanity.

Fred Caron began to write stories and poems in his early teens and continues to do so. He joined the Air Force for four years, and then he obtained a Master’s Degree in Speech Therapy at University of Massachusetts Amherst. He retired recently after 45 years.

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