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I Have Worry Monsters In My Tummy, by Erica Wilson M.ED., LPC., NCC

Do you have Worry Monsters in YOUR tummy?

When Addie feels nervous or uneasy, the Worry Monsters in her tummy start to rumble and grumble. One day, when the Worry Monsters are stomping around in her tummy, Addie decides to tell her mom how she feels. Together, Addie and her mom come up with ways to control and calm her Worry Monsters.

I Have Worry Monsters in My Tummy aims to help children recognize, understand and clearly express their feelings of fear, unease and anxiety. This book will help children find the courage to speak up about their feelings and to ask for help when their “Worry Monsters” are acting up. By following along with Addie’s story, children will discover new ways to manage their emotions and calm the “Worry Monsters” inside of them.

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