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I Love You More…To Suzanne, from Mark, by Mark Mallardi

I Love You More…To Suzanne, From Mark is a powerful and poignant story about a married couple’s journey with cancer. When Mark and Suzanne were both diagnosed with Stage IV cancer months apart, they were faced with the devastating reality of the U.S. cancer care system and the limited treatment options available. Desperate for hope, they embarked on a journey to find alternative, holistic, and non-toxic cancer treatments outside the U.S.

Through their journey, Mark Mallardi shares his personal story and the troubling revelations he discovered about the marginalization and suppression of alternative cancer treatments by the U.S. medical establishment. He also offers a deep and meaningful “faith walk,” exploring the importance of living in “faith over fear” and finding hope and strength in difficult times.

I Love You More…To Suzanne, From Mark is a moving tribute to the memory of Suzanne and a valuable resource for cancer patients and their loved ones. It offers a message of hope, support, and the power of faith in the face of adversity.

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