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Impression, by Charnjit Gill

This debut collection of mystical minimalism poetry focuses on our faith, relationships, and our sense of self. It engages you on an enriching journey, making observations that reveal the depth of what appears to be on the surface. It’s about the things you learn from the tiniest of moments that happen daily where you find strength. It’s a healing process where the transformation lies in the emotional vulnerability. It celebrates hope gracefully, where the truth behind our innermost thoughts are treated with tenderness and compassion.

The collections offers clarity on some of the mysteries in life in a poignant way so that you feel comforted and empowered. The poems are relatable and resonate in a heartfelt way with the simple message: be optimistic about the future.

Impression gives an aesthetic experience: enlightening the mind, enhancing the imagination, and compelling the heart to be curious. The insights and inspirations are sensuous and soulful. Read it slowly and immerse yourself.

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