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In a Pickle, by Marilyn Whitehorse

The Reverend Sweetie Bird Charles said, “Money don’t grow on trees and it don’t grow in glass pickle jars buried in the garden neither.”

Charles Madison Montgomery Washington finds himself in a mess of trouble after his business dealings lead him to the Gray Bar Hotel. As events unfold, his fate becomes shrouded in mystery, leaving questions about the whereabouts of valuable diamonds. Shorty and Bruno are on the hunt for answers, while Dick E. has his version of events, and Father Murphy, seated in the confessional, only wants to keep his wayward flock together. What sets the Reverend apart is her keen insight into slick-talking folks.

With the assistance of Mama and Agnes, the voices that some consider madness, the Reverend might be the only one capable of piecing together this convoluted tale. Can she untangle the threads of this crazy quilt and shed light on the truth?

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