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In Pursuit of Calm, by Daniel Fuselier, PsyD

From jail to NASA and from addiction to recovery and back again, psychologist Daniel Fuselier takes us on a journey across the country from the bayous of Louisiana to the coasts of California in this debut memoir.

Navigating his ups and downs with alcohol and drug addiction, and facing numerous personal challenges along the way, Daniel encounters ghosts from his past while trying to reconcile what they might mean for his future. From a childhood spent witnessing his own father’s destructive habits, to struggling to define himself through a series of relationships and jobs, Daniel finally finds his niche as a clinical psychologist, or so he thinks. It is there, he believes, he has found his passion and a place to finally belong. But Daniel comes to remember what he has always known: addiction is a lifelong ghost, as is not following your true passion.

In Pursuit of Calm by Daniel Fuselier, witness his brutal honesty as he shares his life in this revealing and brave memoir. See the fiery tragedy he endures in forsaking his passion, and his triumph in ultimately pursuing, and capturing, that passion.

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