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Into The Seventeen Towers, by Jareth Z. Navratil

Heroes stand! But Nathaniel is no hero… He is an all-around average, thirty-something, failed-to-launch, American do-nothing. However, one small fact rescues Nathaniel from wallowing in his mediocrity…He is a Page-Walker! Nathaniel can escape his humdrum existence by entering the pages of books, living vicariously through their characters’ adventures.

Nathaniel’s comfortable existence is challenged when he discovers his late grandfather’s unfinished manuscript, The Seventeen Towers, whose pages call him for help. But entering an unfinished story has no guarantee of safety, so Nathaniel must choose whether to rise to the occasion and answer the call or let cowardice govern his life.

In his debut novel, Jareth Z. Navratil weaves a light-hearted and whimsical tale while not shying away from the heavy and emotional subject matter. Love and loss, substance abuse and addiction, exploitation and manipulation, and overcoming toxicity take center stage in this portal fantasy page-turner.

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