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Is there not a cause?, by Nathaniel Terrell


Nathaniel Terrell’s powerful debut collection is made of songs, stories, personal reflection, fiction and scenes of life.  Written from the perspective of a passionate, creative black man facing midlife and working hard to share his voice with the world, each poem paints a vivid picture of the soul of an artist.

Touching on topics such as life and death, racism, faith, anger, social injustice, division in the nation, and getting up after failure, Nathaniel Terrell’s Is There Not a Cause? is meant to encourage and to provoke, and will take you on a journey that starts fast and dives deep.


Review of Is There Not a Cause?

I greatly enjoyed this timely, and relevant poetry collection from author Nathaniel Terrell. His debut compilation of poems, Is There Not a Cause? was written over a period of six years in which the author writes passionately about a variety of topics which includes things that are happening in the world, his own personal experiences as well as vices and struggles that he faced.

Nathaniel writes about real life issues we can all relate to. The central theme I took from his book was this need to strive to change and do better, to not waste the time we are all blessed to have here on Earth – as life is short in the grand scheme of things. One of my favorite pieces was “Far Out,” which takes the reader on a journey to a place of tranquility as you read here:

Far Out

Fly away fly away
don’t look back

Fly above all the hatred
all the violent attacks

To a place of understanding to a land of peace

Where time’s insignificant
and it’s uncommon to feel grief

A realm beyond this insanity
world that the wicked can’t control

A place where I belong and I can finally call home

The title poem “Is There Not a Cause?” is another standout and perfectly encapsulates the overall message of the entire collection. Readers of all backgrounds will enjoy this meaningful and thought-provoking collection, including people of faith. I highly recommend this book.


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