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It Was Called a Home, by Brian Nisun

In the wake of a horrific and unimaginable tragedy, Bambi Müller and her younger brother, Joseph, set out on a quest for justice. After they’ve lost everything, they’re determined to find their new selves and what it means to have a home, again.

Their parents, prominent winemakers in Walla Walla, Wash., are murdered in cold blood by a U.S. Military Police Officer. With nothing left but the foreign idea of revenge, they embark on a monumental journey through a world that is falling apart, a nightmarish world stranger than anything they’ve ever experienced before.

Sprawling across time and geography, and featuring hundreds of characters—spies and drunk delegates representing the League of Nations, murderous twin brothers, winemakers and potheads, anarchists and assassins, faux-patriots, Nihilists, philosophers, pimps, cowboys and Native Americans, veterans and pacifists, many finding out that the American Dream was a Lie—they are all connected by the shared paranoia of the United States entering World War II.

In Brian Nisun’s It Was Called a Home we confront the realization that the greatest evil can reside within those who swear to protect the innocent, and that there is no place like home.