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I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You, by Ariana Moulton

“If you could ride higher into yourself, you’d see we’re just a string of pearls along this saltless sea.”

I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You is an engaging and thought-provoking collection of poems by Ariana Moulton. With a keen focus on vivid landscapes and intertwining themes of nature, gun violence, teaching, and motherhood, the author masterfully creates a strong sense of place for readers to immerse themselves in. Through her heartfelt verses, Moulton delves into profound questions that resonate with both the emotions and intellect of her audience, while skillfully painting vivid images that evoke a sense of truth.

The central aim of this collection is to offer readers a glimpse into the author’s personal experiences and surroundings, all while raising a vital question that holds significance for everyone: “What’s at stake?”

The title serves as an invitation, drawing readers closer to explorations of post-Covid life, loss, inspiration, and the rich history emanating from the streets and lakefront of Chicago. I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You fearlessly embraces a range of compelling themes, including gun violence, homelessness, the struggles of dawn, and the timeless battles faced with aging. Through dreamlike imagery and narrative glimpses into Chicago’s history, Moulton allows space for the unimaginable and grants readers the freedom to embark on their own interpretive journeys.

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