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Jenny Bear: A Journey Towards Healthy Grieving, by Caleb Potter

Daddy Bear’s terminal cancer shatters Jenny Bear and Mommy Bear’s world, but together they find a way forward.

Their life felt nearly perfect until the discovery of Daddy Bear’s cancer. Despite Jenny Bear and Mommy Bear’s hope and the treatments the doctors try, the cancer simply won’t go away. Mommy Bear and Daddy Bear both help Jenny Bear process this incredibly difficult situation. Together, Mommy Bear and Jenny Bear take steps to cherish Daddy Bear while he is alive, which will help them grieve much more effectively after his death.

Grieving the death of a loved one is one of the most difficult journeys we will embark on in life. It brings with it a broad variety of emotions, questions, and lessons which can be difficult to cope with, even for an adult. This book will serve as a helpful resource to guide you as a caregiver, and the children under your care, to grieve together in a much more transparent and productive manner.

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