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Just Be Honest, by Cindy Yates

Read Yourself into Happiness and Success…
just by being honest.

Just Be Honest changes how we look at EVERYTHING.

Cindy asks, “Do we keep our word to ourselves?” With raw vulnerability, Cindy helps others see how she rose above a very dark time because of her willingness to be honest.


“It is so sad when I meet someone who is very successful in business and not so in their personal life. As Cindy shares, it always comes down to the subject of personal honesty.”
—Trent Sterling, Founder and CEO of Sterling Health Advisors

“Inside the pages of this book, you will find refreshing ideas that will enhance everything in such a way that will surprise you because of their simplicity.”
—Amy Cowley, Former VP of MonaVie

“Seriously inspired words. Holy Cow, goosebumps. Such a good read.”
—Chris Yates, P&D Manager at Fed Ex

“If people could adhere to the principles and the path to honesty that Cindy Yates has written in this book, our world would dramatically change from one of chaos and fear, to one of peace, love, and the success of humanity.”
—Mary Young, Co-Founder and CEO of Young Living