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Karma One, by Colleen Hollis

Albert Joseph Stevens II—AJ—is born with a silver spoon in his mouth: his family is rich, privileged, and entitled. Filled with an insatiable appetite for money and power, AJ’s family is run by his father, Albert, who is the kind of man who rules with an iron fist, getting whatever—and whomever—he wants. Rocked at an early age by the accidental death of his brother, AJ steps into the family legacy, learning as he goes that it is a path marked with pain, destruction, and emptiness.

In Karma One, by Colleen Hollis, we’re invited to observe the twists and turns as AJ discovers how every decision, every choice always comes back to impact him. Will AJ use his wealth and influence for good, or will he be consumed by greed and lust for power like his father? Will he follow in his father’s miserable footsteps or manage to rise above and create his own destiny? These are all important questions for a man certain to be haunted by a little thing called karma.

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