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Keeping The Stars Awake, by Matthew J. McKee

Dead in a matter of pages! No self-respecting narrator would dare call such a story a novel, but the narrator of this novel has no self-respect, and his story doesn’t end with death. Absurdity of the highest order follows him down to hell, leaving death the least of his worries.

Unable to sleep, and with a blue-and-green-eyed beauty dragging him ever forward through the horde of assorted horrors that stand between him and the only slice of normalcy left untouched, our narrator has his work cut out for him; as do we, the unsuspecting yet equally guilty masses swept along for the ride in the darkness beneath his hood, and the darker, deeper, and more terrifying truth lying therein.

In turns hilarious and horrifying, self-reflective and self-reproachful, Keeping The Stars Awake is author Matthew J. McKee’s invitation into a mirror world much like our own, asking, are we all just coming home to lose?

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