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Knights of the Air, Book 1: Rage!, by Iain Stewart


To survive, Lance Fitch makes the enemy vermin, his friends expendable, and his chivalry more threadbare than a beggar’s cloak.

As the conflagration of World War 1 spreads around the world, it subsumes Lance. As part of his revenge quest, he joins the British Royal Flying Corps. Arthur Wolsey, his commanding officer, begs him to join 100 Wing — elite pilots tasked with wresting control of the air from Manfred Richthofen’s “Flying Circus.” The Germans are cutting such a bloody swathe across the skies that the average survival time of an RFC pilot in the air is a mere seventeen hours. Lance and Arthur struggle to stay alive, never mind preserving their Wing and their friendship. The latter is further stressed by Arthur’s alluring half-sister, Megan. Lance learns fast, but when Richthofen is the teacher, those lessons are bloody…

In Knights of the Air, Book 1: Rage! by Iain Stewart, we experience the terror of mortal combat in the heavens, while flying flimsy, flammable planes without parachutes. Impeccable history from the dawn of military aviation is woven with characters and themes drawn from the Arthurian myths as two enduring legends intertwine, King Arthur meets the Red Baron.

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