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Late Magnolias, by Hannah Paige

Jade Handan has murdered her father. For the past twelve years, she’s been forced to forego discovering who she is and become the mother who abandoned her. Snapping from the abuse, she leaves his dead body in her California home and is wandering the highway without a plan when Beatrice Hazeldine rescues her.

Bea appears to be everything that Jade is not: eccentric, passionate, confident. With nothing more than a picture of her mother and a note from an old love in New York, Bea and Jade head out to find Jade’s mother. The road trip becomes less about fleeing a crime and finding Jade’s mother, and more about the two women revealing their true selves.

When Jade’s past inevitably catches up to her, she is sent reeling. Confronting her actions tests the person Jade has become. She finds even what we trust most can be lost and the truths we most want to run from are those that make us who we are.

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