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Lexicon of the Body, by DM Wallace

The poems in Lexicon of the Body are grounded in the physical experiences of intimacy and separation, perpetual change and transformation. Sometimes quiet, sometimes fierce and always direct, these poems dive into the deep end of the ordinary joys and the big questions of a human life lived through the body and the senses.

In these poems relationships of all kinds come together, unfold, and fall apart. Children and lovers, parents and spouses, as well as pets, gardens, and a love for the earth and the landscape invite the reader into a world both private and particular, and yet deeply universal. Exploring themes of desire and gratitude, as well as disappointment and loss, the focus rests upon honesty and authenticity.

In Lexicon of the Body by DM Wallace we are reminded that the beauty and wonder of the human body binds us all together. While we think of our forms as private and precious only to us, through them we learn empathy, wisdom, and a sense of belonging to each other that transcends language.

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