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Living a Miracle, by Robert Callaway

How Can People be Truly Happy?

Do you know the real reason why we are living on this earth? Do you know why we have so many trials and hardships in life? Are you wondering how to live a truly happy life and how we can have happier families?

Answers to these and other very important questions about life are included in this book. It contains information such as—
• The purpose of intense challenges and hardships
• The Lord’s plan for each one of us
• How God can actually bless us
• How to view our lives from a better, higher perspective

As world conditions continue to worsen, this book will prove to be of great assistance to us, and will be of great comfort to many. This prequel to /Through the Eyes of Asperger’s: A Latter-day Saint Perspective/ illustrates the great trials which the Wilkinson family endured for many years, along with the purpose of their trials. This book shows the process to receive tremendous blessings, as they did, along with showing us how we are all ‘Miracles.’ All of us can benefit from reading Robert Callaway’s Living a Miracle!

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