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Love, Air, by Lawdenmarc Decamora

“Because this poem is about you… the lines shimmy because they’re in love with you.”

What is love? You may ask about the grammaticality or catastrophe of it. It may be that sphere in the sky that inspires the movement of air. For without love truth may not spiral down the skin of imagination. You may never appreciate art, your book collections, your friend, your country, your favorite Michel Gondry film, time of day, your family, your partner, yourself. You may not even love the distinct taste of cigarettes in the morning. But what does it take to deconstruct love? What will people realize when they fall in and out of it? Is love really amorphous like the air?

In his sophomore book-length poetry collection, Lawdenmarc Decamora offers forty-two luminous poems that dwell within the sublunary power of the “other side” of love. One can follow in Love, Air the moment of poemness yet seeded with the attention of lyrical complexity: as music is like that strange feeling that flows, it makes you “tremble like the words / tremble inside a jar.” Prepare to encounter blizzards, squalls, and storms because Love, Air has “torrents of everything that you will love.”

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