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Love Your Vibe: Using the Power of Sound to Take Command of Your Life, by Matt Omo

If you are struggling with life in any way, it is within your grasp to take command and live a life of true harmony. We all have an innate wisdom to find this harmony and express it fully. Life is vibration, or, in essence, it is sound. We have just forgotten how to allow life to sing through us. We resist this sound of life and mute the strings of creation due to our past trauma, conditioning, experiences, fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs.

We blame the world around us for the way we are and beat our selves up for not living the life we desire. When we learn to love our vibe and the vibe of all life we can live in harmony with it. Through this seven-step process you will be guided to take command, embrace harmony, and become the conductor of your life’s symphony.

Matt Omo MA, aka The Gong Guru, is an international sound healer, breathworker, shamanic dude, visionary, and spiritual leader. His passion is to connect people to their authentic truth and help them to embrace their divine purpose. Learn more at

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