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Loved By Fire, by Natalie Rose

Hello reader, before you awaits a book of poetry. These poems were inspired by ventures to Mother Nature’s hidden corners, and the wonderful souls met along the way. I believe there is truth to be found in the quiet under a night sky. When not surrounded by four walls, emotions are left without restriction and the mind wanders freely as it should. Through my words I’ve captured a taste of the magic that is ever-present in the outdoor world. From untouched peaks in the Yukon, to roaring banks of the Colorado river.

I’ve fallen in love with both people and places on my journey, and wish to share those romances with you. My hope is for readers who have been to such places, to read and re-live fond memories, and for those who have not, be prompted to expand their horizons. Above all though, I want you to read my lines and FEEL. I want you to look up from the pages, throw your head back and laugh, or curl your toes because my words gave you chills.

What do you say?

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