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Makani and the Tiki Mikis, illustrated by Kosta Gregory, written by Mike P. Leon

Makani and the Tiki Mikisis a story about one Tiki Miki who plays his ukelele differently than the others, and how his different tune takes him somewhere extraordinary!

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Kosta Gregory is an illustrator and animator. He’s illustrated multiple children’s books for others, but this is his first children’s book that he has created with his own vision. He graduated from New England Institute of Art with concentration in 2D Art and Animation. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts and you can visit him online at
Mike P. Leon is an Ecuadorian playwright, essayist, and rapper (with the band Baeja Vu) from Queens, NYC. He graduated from Williams College and, after five years in advertising, has been most recently wandering around the forests of South America, Scotland, and Massachusetts. Likes include: sticks, stones, rare buttons, old books, etc.
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