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Me & Mrs Jones, by Justine Gladden

Scandalous, maybe life-changing, perhaps, but Mrs. Jones changed my life. Some for the good, some for the not so good. The reader can decide, from the wake-up call to the meeting, from the window to the wall.

Imagine meeting total strangers and, within three minutes, becoming a friend to the point where you were invited back! To visit or to church or to a movie or to dinner on the Yacht for the weekend or vacation with the family. Just imagine how wonderful that would be, and if you had the opportunity to do that, how much more wonderful your life would be.

In Me & Mrs. Jones, by Justine Gladden, we wonder what’s behind the next door. Feeling so electrifying, it’s like a fire shut up in your bones. Can’t wait to see what the next event will bring, every door seems like another event just waiting to happen.

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