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Mediation in Criminal Cases, by Pascal Comvalius

Have you ever wondered if mediation in criminal cases can work? How about for a murder case?

What does the field of criminal law demand (or require) from a Mediator?

The answers can be found in this book, illustrated with real criminal cases mediated by the author.

Pascal Comvalius introduces us to restorative practice, mediation, communication channels, active listening and questioning. The author analyses and connects the criminal cases in each chapter to sociological, linguistic and psychological research. Topics such as perception, apology , forgiveness, deceptive behaviour, culture and trauma are discussed. This book will show families of victims or suspects / offenders, lawyers, judges, social workers, mediators and other professionals that this concept can work and be applied in jurisdictions around the globe.

Let’s face the truth: What is the glaring issue in criminal cases? Is it with the law, or that amongst the people?

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