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Men are Pigs: Stories Which Passed The Time of Tests, by Jed Somit

A reading festival for children and former children.

A family’s celebration of the Dog Moon is prolonged indefinitely by a deadly Evil Cloud. To pass the time, they decide to tell stories each evening. The denizens’ travails, the stories, and the lavish meals will have you clamoring for s’mores.

Outside, the borscht-infused Evil Cloud, whining incessantly, murders crows and broadcasts advertisements but is eventually beeten down.

Inside, assisted by the Rabbi’s Barney Stone, a smorgasbord of original and traditional fables and tales are conjured. Indulge yourself with the poignant story of the Tin Man’s lost hearts, a short circuit leading Two-Patch Lance’s father into his bride’s arms, a retelling of the Haggadah, the Easter Bunny’s (R.V.) Rhyme, a pirated version of The Black Spot, and the original genie from the lamp saga. Binge on old favorites like ‘S No Right and a feline William Tell, Goldilox and the three Bayers, and original tales of the stinky victory of The Village Idiot, the romantic Western drama of Marco, Polo and Tiny Tim, and still more.

Read slowly, enjoy, wonder what hatched in the first story, and uncover the puns and other games.

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