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Mindful Conversation, by Peter Gibb

Expand your world to encompass the potentials of mindful conversation: deeper connection, more compelling expression, more satisfaction. And less: less anxiety, less stress, less struggle and strife. In short, better relationships, improved satisfaction, and joy.

This book explores the three levels of conversation in a delightful mix of inspiration, practical advice, humor, stories, and practice exercises to guide you along the path. If you’ve ever felt left out or wondered why others don’t pay attention to what you say, felt stuck about how to start (or end) a conversation, or been “triggered” by another’s behavior, this book is your friend and ally. Conversations with your partner, your children, your boss, with difficult people, customers and strangers – the secrets are revealed in these pages.

Mindful Conversation presents a fresh inner/outer approach to the most important life skill you never studied in school. A compelling, enjoyable and practical guide for the intelligent conversationalist eager to move beyond small talk. Change how you talk. Change how you listen. Change your relationships with others, and yourself, forever.

Atmosphere Press

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