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Modern Constellations, by Kendall Nichols

Welcome to the world… A combination of modern technologies plus social commentary. A place where life is a little biased and conversations are concise and cute. Not deep and impactful and with no real change. A place where things that matter aren’t acknowledged, just something people are taught to live with. Superficial factors support backwards thinking and an uncertain future. See this modern world of “advancement”, this “new age of enlightenment” in a unique perspective.

Break traditions and burn the old rules of poetry to the ground. See the lessons life gives everyone from a different lens. Shakespeare crawled so that we can walk over broken eggshells of topics that are considered beyond experts’ expertise. Take a terrifying trip of discovering love in the modern age. Wonder why beauty has become commercialized and personified instead of loving your skin the way it was meant to be. Overall, dare where others have been denied.

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