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Mourning of the Dove, by Sandra Fox Murphy

In the early summer of 1860, the man Fidelia McCord had fallen in love with, Miles Maloney, traveled north to gather information and stories for the anti-secessionist newspaper Southern Intelligencer. He’d been certain his beloved Fidelia would await his return. But he has vanished and sent no word to her. Had he fallen to a terrible end in the scrubland, or had he abandoned the young woman he claimed to love?

As the year 1860 neared its end, Fidelia’s heart faltered midst doubt and persuasion, and she accepted James Hughes’ proposal of marriage. When the nation begins to tremble toward war, James enlists with Benjamin Terry’s Texas Rangers, and as James departs, Fidelia shares the news that she is carrying their child. James will be gone for years.

While the two men who love Fidelia find their way through a war-torn nation, facing death at every turn, Fidelia perseveres through her own struggles and losses in Texas, always with fear in the back of her mind that she may have chosen the wrong path. A haunting dread fills her. What if neither of the men she loves comes home?

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