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My Days With Emma, by Paul Dunion, EdD

It’s simply not true! Your aging does not mandate rounds of golf and martinis, while staying out of the way of progress. Loss does not have to be the most salient aspect of aging. If you allow the years to be instructive, valuable insight can be passed on. As you are not so preoccupied with achieving worldly pursuits, your inner world becomes more accessible. What you have learned and what you can teach become unequivocal.

This text offers a touching and edifying portrayal of the author being mentored into elderhood. He is introduced to elderhood with its appropriate trials and ordeals. The Power of Being becomes a new way to see himself and life, releasing him from the need to prove something.

My Days with Emma – A Soulful Path to Elderhood offers readers a blueprint for being a valued resource while aging. Find out how your maturity can be a worthy way to serve in the winter of your life, yielding a rich legacy.

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