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My Way Forward: Turning Tragedy into Triumph, by Molei Wright

After a tragic accident, she had to relearn everything. How to walk. How to eat. Even how to breathe.

Molei was your typical 28-year-old living in an apartment with her best friend and her dog. She had a nearly six-figure salary and plenty of restaurants and bars to fill her weekends. She even managed to land the “tall, dark, and handsome” guy as her boyfriend. Everything was great! Then, in an instant she doesn’t remember, it all changed.

On a snowy mountain pass, a semi-truck lost control and crashed into Molei’s car, leaving her, as doctors described to her family, “internally decapitated.” She spent the next 3.5 months in a coma. Upon awakening, she had to relearn everything. But relearn she did, and so much more.

My Way Forward: Turning Tragedy into Triumph by Molei Wright is a story that has been told in the news, but always from an outsider’s perspective. Finally, her story is being told by her. This is a story of both staggering loss and hard-earned gain, and the love that was on the brink but carried her through.

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