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Mystery of the Lost Years, by Bobby J. Bixler


Transported to an unfamiliar future, David and Maria must protect a secret each carries from the rogue government who seeks to kill them.

With no family members left for support, they’re forced to form an alliance to survive. The courage to continue comes from the love they develop for each other. What will be the cost of their survival? Could it be more than they’re willing to pay? Are they willing to take the life of another human being in order to escape? After all, survival means not trusting anyone.

If captured, their secret could prevent the downfall of this totalitarian government. With a reward of one-half million dollars each, they don’t know whom they can trust. There must be others like them. Finding them may prove the key to their survival.

The government widens their search as more people are found who carry this secret. Some have come out of groups fighting to overthrow this regime. Those who carry this secret find themselves drawn to the same place, a temporary sanctuary.

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