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New Shores, by Ciaran McLarnon

Out of the mist of prehistory emerges Li. He is a superior man, a success at everything he tries, destined to lead his tribe to greatness. Unfortunately, Li is the only one who knows this.

Li is with his tribe when their coastal village is struck by disaster, and as they search for a new home. He loses them when they encounter a new threat, and he is driven to find them again to seize this opportunity to improve his standing and take a step towards greatness. He is joined by many others on his journey, including his estranged daughter Su. Together they meet many people in different lands as Li uncovers more about his people, his clan and himself.

Ciaran McLarnon’s New Shores takes us to this mysterious era, joining Li as he finds threats and treasures, exploring superstition and wonder in his prehistoric realm. His life and his world are there to behold as Li dives into what it is to be human.

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