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No Bounds, by Torie Senseny

Vivila Gulmon longs for a sense of normalcy in her life, but her existence is far from ordinary.

Six years prior, Vivila discovered her extraordinary nature when she transformed into a winged werecat during a traumatic gym class incident. Now eighteen, Vivila’s life takes a dark turn when she is sold to the nefarious gang known as the King Cobras, led by the abusive Ross Templeton.

Forced into brutal bare-knuckle boxing matches for Ross’s criminal clientele, Vivila’s future seems bleak until a chance encounter with Aldric O’Connor, an Alpha werewolf. Intrigued by Vivila’s resilience, Aldric decides to intervene, rescuing her from the clutches of the King Cobras and forever altering the course of her life.

Faced with the opportunity for a fresh start, Vivila must navigate a world where unconditional love and genuine kindness seem elusive, especially after enduring years of abuse. As she embarks on her journey, she questions whether true compassion exists or if everyone harbors ulterior motives behind their acts of goodwill.

No Bounds is a gripping tale that explores Vivila’s quest for normalcy, while delving into the complexities of trust, love, and the lengths one must go to find redemption in a world filled with darkness and secrets.

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