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Nursing Homes: A Missionary’s Journey Through Heaven’s Waiting Room, by Tim Eatman, Ph.D.

God’s purpose for you to read NURSING HOMES – A Missionary’s Journey Through Heaven’s Waiting Room is to get you into your heart, where you will find the best you. There are no accidents.

Through over twenty-five hundred musical programs in twenty-four years, the author has shared God’s message of peace, love, and joy with nursing-home-bound seniors who are nearing the end of their life journey. As “Doctor Sunshine,” he relates over one hundred stories as he takes the reader on a heartwarming adventure through the depths of the nursing home environment.

It is time for our society to take a new, respectful look at old faces. Doctor Sunshine is a modern-day missionary in a “foreign” habitat, the nursing home. These beautiful souls are holding on for dear life as they watch the curtain fall. He is their minister, friend, entertainer and caregiver. Some of the stories are outrageously funny and some are heartbreakingly sad. But they are all real. Singing and strumming his guitar all the way, he tells a loving story of how Doctor Sunshine warms their hearts and brightens their days.

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