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On a Lark, by Sandra Fox Murphy

On a Lark (The Fidelia McCord Series, Book 2)

In On a Lark, Fidelia McCord has become the only surviving child of John and Mariah McCord of Pond Springs. After having borne great loss and hardship in mid-nineteenth century Texas – where moments of jubilation and jeopardy carry a girl to womanhood – Fidelia knows the weight of her choices. At the same time, far away in North Carolina, the Maloney brothers, cooking mash into whiskey in the Appalachian mountains, are making their own life-changing decisions, with Miles Maloney trying to keep his brother Jackson in check and away from the gallows. But, as Fidelia and Miles each forge their own path to a future, destiny has plans of its own.


“A riveting and realistic novel of the westward expansion, inspired by real people. Life on the trail and on the Texas frontier was not easy for anyone, much less a seven-year old girl whose faith was tested…but those who persevered and survived would find new joys.”

— Miles O’Neal, author of The Dragon Lord Chronicles


Sandra Fox Murphy is the author of the novels That Beautiful Season and A Thousand Stars, as well as the Fidelia McCord Series, including Let the Little Birds Sing. Her collection of poems, Aging Without Grace, was released in July 2019. Originally from Glasgow, Delaware, she lives in central Texas where she hunts down small-town history.

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