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Only Afraid of Nothing, by Willem Indigo

Space shows no mercy, and outer space has never heard of it.

After surviving a confusing episode, Wolfgang befriends an over sedated human-ish alien who’s looking to leave this retched, green-tiled nightmare. Discovering that she was not your average patient, they flee the psych ward to the stars since Zenu was late for work. Nothing goes as smoothly as he imagines, as he finds himself earning a foolishly manic reputation and earning a criminal status within minutes of being off planet. They steal a second chance by taking up the responsibility of returning Zenu’s kidnapped boss. They travel from port to bar to death sentence on a haphazard journey, if only they could only stay on course long enough to get the job done.

The team builds on, and the messes worsen, all the while tempting fate in a universe of zero-degree absolutes. Functioning on some unseeable absurdity, you may realize how fickle relationships can be where getting sucked into the blackness to be forgotten is at moments a chipped windscreen away. How might these spirits ever survive gallivanting around the wildest places inside and sort of outside of existence?

Atmosphere Press

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